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InfoGlobal seeks highly qualified information security experts to address current issues and share best practices via our educational and professional development webinars. We are always looking for hot topics to provide the most relevant and timely education to information security professionals. If you have an idea for a topic or a desire to present a webinar, we want to hear from you. We invite your submission to conduct a webinar presentation that is strictly educational in nature. Vendor submissions will not be accepted. Submissions should address hot industry topics and fall under one of the following categories: Access Control Application Security Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Cryptography Information Security Governance & Risk Management Legal, Regulations, Investigations and Compliance FAQ’s How to submit a webinar proposal? If you are interested in speaking on any of the topics above please click on the “Submit Now” button and complete your proposal now. If you prefer, you may also email a title and short abstract for consideration to info [at] infoglobal.com. (More information may be requested of you.) What is a webinar? A webinar is a virtual program presented live on the Internet using a PowerPoint presentation for the visual part and a land-line telephone connection or computer with speakers (VOIP) to hear the audio. Webinars are recorded for archival purposes. What are the benefits? Our cutting-edge webinars provide an outstanding opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with other information security professionals through virtual professional development webinars that spark learning and discussion. This opportunity will bring fresh profile to your organization, to your innovative work, and at the same time advance the information security industry as a whole. How long does the webinar last? InfoGlobal offers 60-minute webinars. For each 60-minute webinar, presenters should prepare approximately 45 - 50 minutes of presentation and allow 10-minutes for questions and answers. What are the presenter's responsibilities? 1. Provide a PowerPoint presentation to be used for the visual part of the webinar. This must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the webinar so that content can be evaluated and the final version may be sent to registered participants in advance of the webinar. 2. Presenters must connect using their own phone, computer and high-speed Internet connection. 3. Any co-presenters must be secured when you submit a topic idea. 4. Participate in at least one rehearsal before the webinar. The presenter(s) PowerPoint presentation will be used during the training to familiarize the presenter(s) with the webinar presentation logistics (i.e. how you will use the capabilities of the webinar technology to highlight parts of the PowerPoint presentation, how the webinar and presenter(s) will be introduced by the webinar moderator, how questions will be handled in the presentation, etc.) 5. Identify back-up presenters should an act of God or emergency occur on the presenters' scheduled webinar date and time. What does InfoGlobal provide? 1. Marketing: InfoGlobal provides all marketing of the webinar which showcases the presenter(s) and their organization(s). 2. Assistance: InfoGlobal staff is available to help the presenters in the planning and presentation of the webinar. 3. Logistics: The presenters will be provided with guidelines to ensure the PowerPoint presentation is appropriate to use for this virtual presentation. 4. Technical Support: InfoGlobal uses GoToWebinar to host its webinars. InfoGlobal staff will handle all technical aspects of the webinar including training the presenters and monitoring/assisting with the entire live webinar presentation to assure the highest quality webinar. InfoGlobal expectations: The ideal InfoGlobal webinar presenter is: Experienced and comfortable speaking about information security to an experienced audience Enthusiastic about sharing expertise and knowledge Wants to deliver the most up-to-date information about complex topics Willing to help spread the word about the webinar Monetary information: InfoGlobal does not provide an honorarium nor reimburse expenses for webinar presenters. Please be aware promoting a company, service or product during the webinar is not permitted. The goal of InfoGlobal’s webinars is to provide attendees with free, useable information. InfoGlobal recognizes webinars as a fulfilling opportunity to promote you as an individual and not as a company or product. InfoGlobal at present, does not collect any revenue from webinars. Audience by Discipline:   C-Suites (CEO, CSO, CIO, CISO, CTO) Data Security Professionals (Directors, Managers, Staff) Engineers Finance & Senior Business Executives Information Security Staff IT/IS Auditors Network and Systems Security Administrators IT/IS Directors & Managers IT/IS Managers and Directors IT/IS Practitioners Network & Risk Managers Network and Systems Security Administrators Audience Attendance: This is a relative question as it truly depends on the speaker and the topic. As a benefit to presenters, InfoGlobal strongly promotes and advertises our webinars (including the presenter’s biography, company descriptor and photo—upon permission) via various channels to a large group of US-based information professionals. The exposure received is not only gained from presenting the webinar, but also in the widespread promotion of it. Lastly, InfoGlobal webinars are archived the majority of the time, therefore there is longevity to them.   Evaluation Process: InfoGlobal cannot guarantee that you or your topic will be chosen for a webinar. Webinars are an opportunity to educate the information security community, not an opportunity to promote a service/product. Contact information for each speaker must be provided and each speaker must agree to the Guidelines for Webinar Speakers. Once submitted, your webinar application will be reviewed by InfoGlobal for consideration. Proposal applications that fail to meet all guidelines or are incomplete will not be considered for review. Submissions will be evaluated to ultimately develop a high-quality webinar based on the following criteria: Innovation, creativity and originality of topic Clarity, depth and specificity of proposal Timeliness and relevance of subject matter Practical applicability of topic Qualifications, expertise and experience level of presenter(s) Speakers will be notified of InfoGlobal’s decision regarding proposals in a timely fashion to the best of our ability. InfoGlobal will not accept phone calls regarding the status of webinars at any time during the selection process. QUESTIONS? Questions can be directed to Lindsey Sylvester at lindsey [dot] sylvester [at] infoglobal.com or +1 858.592.6951.
Information Security: Call for Webinar Presenters
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