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We offer educational programs in a variety of modalities specifically designed to help professionals working in Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology  gain important knowledge and skills to help them and their organizations succeed. Our events and webinars are convenient and cost- effective ways to deliver training to multiple staff in all parts of the globe.
Pharma-Bio-Med & BioSciences Information Conference 2014 26-28 October 2014, Rome, Italy Now in it’s 9th year, the Pharma-Bio-Med & BioSciences Information and CI Conference is the perfect opportunity to join fellow information and CI professionals across the pharma, bioscience, medical, nutrition and health technologies industry that are facing similar challenges and changes in their professional work. Visit: www.pharma-bio-med.com 
SEEKING PHARMA, BIO-MED & BIOSCIENCE INFORMATION AND CI EXPERT PRESENTERS & POSTERS Papers and Posters are being invited from information and knowledge management, competitive intelligence and informatics practitioners working with bioscience data and information in industries such as food, nutrition, agriculture/crop science, cosmetics, diagnostics and devices, pharma and biotech, academic and government health sciences fields. Anyone wishing to submit a paper/poster to the Pharma-Bio-Med Organisers for consideration should visit: www.pharma- bio-med.com 
Event details will be posted soon.