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We know that the success of InfoGlobal’s webinars is largely due to the interest and willingness of presenters like you. We are pleased that you are interested in submitting a webinar proposal for consideration. We have developed guidelines for presenters to ensure that participants will receive maximum benefit. 1. Webinar presentations are given voluntarily. 2. Proposals must be educational in nature and must not promote a product or service. Proposals that best relate to current issues in the information security community will be selected. 3. Webinar presentations must be submitted in the form of a PowerPoint within an InfoGlobal template. Copy must be written in your own words and accompanied by your own images. Each presentation must be received at least two weeks prior to the scheduled webinar so that it can be reviewed for content. 4. Acceptance of a proposal is based on the content and the presenters named at the time of submission. Any changes to content or speakers must be conveyed to InfoGlobal in advance. InfoGlobal reserves the right to reassess suitability. 5. The distribution and sale of promotional materials or commercial ventures is not permitted within the context of the presentation. Presenters are strictly prohibited from selling their products or services. It is against InfoGlobal’s policy. 6. If selected, webinar presenters will abide by the timeline set by InfoGlobal and meet all deadlines to the best of their ability.
Gudelines for  Speakers